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Stinging Summer Pests

Stinging Insects

You and your family are not the only ones outside enjoying the nice weather with summer right around the corner. You’ve spent months cooped up indoors, but what about the newly active stinging insects outside? Nothing ruins a summer BBQ or pool party quite like uninvited guests.

Stinging insects are the most prevalent during the summer months and are notorious for infesting residential and commercial properties.

Annually, stinging insects send over half a million people to the hospital, usually due to allergic reactions. Even for people who are not allergic, bees, wasps, and yellow jackets can frequently put a damper on summer fun.

Watch Out for Nests

Bees, wasps, and yellow jackets are very territorial over their nests and often sting without provocation if they feel threatened. Awareness of these nests in the yard and around the home is the first step toward having a safe summer.

Safety Precautions

To stay safe from stinging insects this summer:

  • Keep garbage cans closed and away from gatherings
  • Empty garbage cans regularly
  • Cover up food, especially meats
  • Avoid excessive use of perfumes

If someone is stung:

  • Remove the stinger with tweezers
  • Ice the area to reduce swelling
  • Remove anything tight fitting from the area of the sting
  • A mixture of baking soda and water will help alleviate the pain

Be Aware of Dangerous Allergy Symptoms

Call 911 if the person stung:

Croach® Pest Control

Nests are often located along fences, in attics or crawlspaces, under the eaves of the structure, under patios or decks, and on greenery in the yard. Usually giving these nests a wide berth can avoid any problems but sometimes, the nest will need to be removed.

If you have a stinging insect problem, don’t hesitate to call Croach® today for a free evaluation and to schedule an inspection. We will work with you to carry out the best action to treat these stinging pests and guarantee we will provide the solution for all your pest control needs.

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