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Seattle Rodent Control and Exclusion

As temperatures continue to plummet in the northern states, we find ourselves spending more time indoors, avoiding winter’s chill.

Now that we are in the full swing of winter, pest infestations are undoubtedly on the rise as pests try to escape the cold too. As the temperature drops, these little critters are eager to get out of the cold and into your home where they are sure to find food and shelter.

Rodent Infestation

Seattle Rodent Control - Portland, OR - Croach Rats & Mice ExterminatorsRodents, in particular, need to find shelter indoors to survive the winter months. They are experts at finding small entries to the home and making a habitat in the attic, garage, basement or even the kitchen.

Anyone who has experienced a rodent infestation can attest to the costly nature of this particular pest.

The damage caused to insulation alone may amount to thousands of dollars of loss between repairs and escalated heating costs.

Although trapping and extermination are essential aspects of Seattle rodent control, without the implementation of rodent exclusion, rodent extermination is not enough.

Forms of rodent exclusion include:

  • sealing off holes and openings
  • adding metal panels and grates
  • installing proper screening on vents and windows
  • sealing gaps in the foundation

and many more exclusion tactics.

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Seattle Rodent Control and Exclusion Service

At Croach®, we specialize in rodent exclusion and in taking the preventative measures necessary to keep these pests out of your home for good.

Call us today at (425) 202-7890 and our professional technicians will create a specialized Seattle rodent control and exclusion plan, tailored to the needs of your home and family.

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