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Part of the Cayce's interesting history includes wildlife and unwanted pests. Croach® Pest Control to eliminate and prevent pest infestations.
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The 12,000 Year History of Cayce

Quality pest control services from Croach® Pest Control is an important way to protect your property in Cayce. The Cayce area, has a history of inhabitation dating back thousands of years. For a fun afternoon, learn the stories of history and the land at the 12,000 Year History Park right here in the City of Cayce.

Learn about what our area was like when mammoths ruled the region, through Native American settlements to how the Civil War impacted the region in an informative two-mile walking tour through this nature preserve along the river.

Unfortunately, insects and other pests like wasps, rats and ants also have a history of inhabiting spaces around us. At Croach® Pest Control, we build a customized pest control plan to fit your property’s individual pest control needs. Call today for a free inspection and estimate.

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What Pests are a Problem in Cayce?

Dirty Pests

Rodent pest control problems are not always easily visible. This is because they come out at night when we are sleeping. Extermination technicians at Croach® start the visit with a thorough inspection, looking for signs of mice and rats, like: gnaw marks, nervous behavior of your pets, noxious smells, and sounds of movement inside walls, attics, garages and basements.

Cockroaches have been around millions of years since those days of the mammoth, they survive any climate and can go weeks without eating, and can live headless until dehydration gets them. Once you discover a roach infestation in your Columbia home, your first step is to contact Croach® for reliable cockroach control.

Biting Pests

And then, there are ants. As many as 121 species live in South Carolina. All types of ants, from the tiny, almost invisible kitchen raiders called ghost ants, to the ferocious biting fire ants in the yard. Your Croach® tech knows how to identify the species, and what treatment is effective in getting rid of those teeming little villains.

Did you know there are at least 200 species of spiders in South Carolina! Their pervasive webs can make your home and yard feel icky! Croach® spider exterminators rid your property of webs, and put measures in place to keep spiders out.

Whether your Columbia area home has exposed or concealed wasps nests, it could result in stings to you and other family members. An experienced pest control technician knows how to safely remove wasps.

To limit your family’s exposure to dangerous rodents and cockroaches or stinging insects like ants and wasps, call Croach® Pest Control. At Croach®. We offer extermination and preventative services that keep pesky pests off your property.

Pest Control Services by Croach® Exterminators Near Cayce, SC

Get rid of ants, termites, carpet beetles, cockroaches, mice and rats, silverfish, spiders, wasps and other stinging, biting, crawling, and flying pests. We serve Cayce residents in single-family homes, apartments, HOAs, and commercial buildings.

Croach Pest Control Reviews - Stars 150

Well Prepared!

Justice is exceptional. A day prior to coming to my house, he called to address any concerns I had. He was very flexible with scheduling as well. He came well prepared and took care of all my issues. I would recommend him for any services you my need. - Read more from DeAndrea G.

Croach Pest Control Reviews - Stars 150

Friendly and Professional!

David, Alex and Dean came out and sprayed our house. The guys were friendly and professional. We appreciated the service we got. Now we are looking forward to the spring and summer without pests! - Read more from Rich C.

What We Do: The Croach® Pest Control Process

First: When our technician arrives at your Cayce residence, they will inspect your property to look for potential problem areas and develop a plan to address these concerns.

Next: They will discuss their findings, and present a customized treatment plan created to meet your specific pest control needs.

Then: Services begin as soon as you are ready to be pest free!

Depending on your plan, exterminator services could include:

✓ Interior Treatment: Treatments like spray barriers at entrance points, baiting, and traps.

✓ Exterior Treatment: Removal of wasp nests, de-webbing, spray, and granulation where necessary.

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Pest Control Service Satisfaction Guarantee - Croach

Retreats Guarantee

We guarantee a retreat of pest issues for Cayce customers that arise between regularly scheduled services. Ask for more details when you sign up.

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Thousands of Customer Reviews

Trust Croach® pest control reviews of friends and neighbors near Cayce and browse customer surveys of their pest management technicians.

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Enjoy peace of mind knowing your family, pets, and property are protected from ants, and other pests. Croach® is a pest elimination and prevention service. We don’t believe in one-time extermination. Because it doesn’t work. In fact, it costs you more money, aggravation, and distress in the long run. Request a free pest control inspection near you today.

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