Apartment Pest Control Problems

Croach provides apartment dwellers and landlords in the pacific northwest with what they need, from our offices serving Seattle, Portland, and Spokane. Apartment living means many people are in close proximity, making residents vulnerable to pest control problems from multiple sources.

What can you do about apartment pest control problems?

Local regulations may require your landlord to provide pest control services. However, the tenant is also responsible for maintaining their residence in a manner that discourages pests.

First, there are ways you can make your apartment less attractive to bugs and rodents. The EPA recommends this guideline, "Preventing Pests at Home", to give tenants ways to eliminate pests, and help prevent them from causing infestations in the future.

However, professional help is the most effective solution. If you have pest control problems in your Seattle, Spokane or Portland-area apartment, contact Croach® today for a free inspection.

Pest Control Apartment Laws

Who is responsible for eliminating pest control problems in my apartment?

Apartment compliance laws vary from state to state and city to city. In some places, the landlord handles pest control, and in others responsibility falls to the tenant.

Frequently, landlords and tenants share responsibility for controlling apartment pest control problems. Below is more information about the region you live in.

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Seattle Apartment Pest Control

According to the Seattle Property Rights for Tenants and Landlords Code Compliance guidelines, pest control is a responsibility of the landlord.

In fact, the public housing and building maintenance code in the City of Seattle makes it a duty of all property owners to exterminate insects, rodents and other pests deemed a public health hazard.

However, some of the apartment pest control responsibilities fall to tenants. Tenants must maintain the property in a manner that discourages pests. This includes keeping kitchens clean and removing trash promptly to eliminate pest food sources.

  • For additional tips on keeping your Seattle apartment pest free, visit the Seattle Housing Authorities Pest Management Guidelines.
  • To get more information about the rights and responsibilities of renters in the Seattle area, you can reference the Seattle Renters Handbook.

For help, contact your local Croach® office. We work with tenants, landlords and property managers to establish an extermination plan to get, and keep, the apartment pest free.

Spokane Apartment Pest Control

Here in Washington State, landlord guidelines inform us that their responsibilities include keeping rental properties habitable. Habitable means keeping apartments free from pest infestations. There are several common pest control problems that affect apartment dwellers in Spokane. These include cockroaches, bedbugs, rats and mice.

If you experience any of these pest control problems in your apartment building, contact your local Croach® office for help. We work with landlords and tenants for solutions for a pest-free environment at affordable pricing.

Visit the Spokane Regional Health District website for more information about what to do if you are experiencing a dangerous pest control problem in your Spokane apartment.

Portland Apartment Pest Control

In Portland, city code states that properties within the city must not harbor insects or rodents. Once they eliminate these pests, they should take steps to keep a reinfestation from happening.

Some of the most common pests control problems in the Portland are include cockroaches, bed bugs, rats and mice.

The Rent Right Housing Guide developed with input from private and public housing authorities in the State of Oregon helps tenants and landlords understand their rights and responsibilities. It also gives great tips for dealing with common pest control problems in rental properties.

By working together, tenants and landlords, along with the qualified professionals at Croach®, we can make pest control problems in your rental property a thing of the past.

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Apartment Pest Control FAQs

1. How do I prepare my apartment for pest control?

Make sure the exterminator can move around and access all areas of the apartment, especially around baseboards. Secure food in airtight containers to prevent contamination.

2. What about my pets during extermination?

If possible, remove your pets from the apartment during exterminating services. If you cannot remove them from the apartment, it is best to kennel or crate dogs and cats to keep them away from chemicals until they dry. Birds, rodents and reptiles also need to be kept away from treatment areas. Discuss your pet interaction concerns with your Croach® extermination specialist before treatment.

3. Where do they spray?

Your pest control technician will spray insect access points around the apartment. These include all along baseboards, across doorways and behind appliances. If accessible, spraying includes around the base of closet floors and behind furniture like couches, beds and bookshelves. The goal is to establish a barrier all around the inside of your apartment.

4. How often does my apartment need pest control services?

The frequency of service can depend on the season here in the Pacific Northwest and the problems you are experiencing. Croach® technicians establish a customized service plan to meet your specific needs so you get the pest control you need, when you need it.

5. Can I refuse access to my apartment for pest control services?

It is best to review your city and state guidelines of landlord and tenant rights before refusing access to your apartment for services such as pest control. If your building has a pest control problem like cockroaches, mice or bed bugs, sometimes the only way to eliminate these pests successfully is by treating every potential infestation source. Get the facts about pest control and elimination plans from your landlord or pest control provider before deciding to refuse service.

6. What are the most common pest control problems in apartments?

The most common pest problems in apartments are cockroaches and mice. In some areas, bed bugs are also of great concern.

7. My apartment is clean, so why do I have roaches?

The image we associate with cockroaches is dirty and messy, but your clean apartment is also attractive to them. Cockroaches are very adaptable and will live anywhere they can find a source of food and moisture. Contact a Croach® expert to help you eliminate them before they become established.

8. If my neighbor has roaches, will I get them?

Unfortunately, this answer is often yes. Cockroaches travel through small cracks in walls and under doors. They also travel through water and drainpipes. This means getting rid of roaches and keeping them out is a community effort. Let experienced Croach® technicians develop a customized plan for you.

9. How did mice get into my 2nd floor apartment?

Mice and rats are excellent climbers. They scramble up trees, walk along wires and even scale brick buildings. Mice and rats can climb up both outside and inside the building to access upper levels. A mouse can squeeze through a hole as small as a quarter-inch, so finding and eliminating building access points is a job for professionals.

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