Termite Treatment

Are Termites Invading Your Columbia Home?

Did you know that unseen termites can do more damage to your home than any other insect? In Columbia, your home is facing a double threat from Eastern Subterranean Termites and Formosan Subterranean Termites.

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What Are the Signs of Termites?

The most common way that a homeowner is tipped off that they may have a pest control problem is when they see the mud tubes used by termites for transportation. The workers build the tubes over the home's foundation, siding, or in severe cases, the drywall inside the home to move from one location to the next in search of food. Another indication of an infestation is chewed through sections in wood timbers or tree branches.

Where Do Termites Live?

Both the Eastern Subterranean and Formosan Subterranean termites have their primary colony in the ground beneath the frost line but above the water table.

However, they are capable of setting up secondary colonies above ground if there is access to moisture. So if your house has experienced a serious roof leak or ongoing issues with leaking pipes or flooding, you should be on the lookout for indications that termites may have moved in.

If My Neighbors Have Them, Does That Mean I Do Too?

When a termite nest is disturbed, the insects can quickly and easily relocate. It would be advisable to have our termite experts at Croach© Pest Control verify that none of the insects from your neighbor's nest escaped and settled in at your home.

Can I Treat Them Myself?

Termites are one of the most difficult insect infestations for a homeowner to treat effectively because:

  • They are typically hidden from sight.
  • No two infestations are the same, so each home requires a different treatment plan from the one next door.
  • It takes specialized training and experience to properly eradicate a termite nest. If the job is done incorrectly, they will simply move to a different location on your property or in your home.

What if I Think I Have an Infestation?

If you have seen any signs that your home might be under attack from these voracious wood eaters, contact us immediately to schedule your free home evaluation for termite control in the Columbia area. After a thorough inspection, we will prepare a termite control plan customized to your property for maximum success.

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