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Greenville, SC Wasp Removal

Nothing ruins backyard bliss quite like a wasp problem. Leave wasps to congregate long enough, and entering your home becomes like running a gauntlet. They may even get into your home, where they’ll turn up in unexpected places. If you have a wasp problem, then Croach®'s wasp removal service is your answer.

Croach® in Greenville, SC has a full team of wasp removal experts to help you remove wasps and their nests quickly and efficiently, so you can go back to enjoying a peaceful home again.

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Red Paper Wasp
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European Hornet
Yellow Jacket Wasp on Nest Scary Close Up

Yellow Jacket

Types of Wasps in Greenville

Here in Greenville, you’ll often encounter red paper wasps. They’re about 1" long, with red bodies and black wings. These wasps create papery, umbrella-shaped nests. Their stings rank at a 3.0 on the Schmidt Pain Index, which only has four ranks. So if you see them, you surely want to steer clear!

Then there are Southeast European hornets: pale yellow and black wasps that can grow up to 1.5" long. Their sting is slightly less painful at Pain Level 2. The Greenville County Extension notes this wasp is often mistaken for the infamous “murder hornet.” But, don't worry! There are no murder hornets in Greenville!

Finally, there’s the harmless mud dauber. These wasps grow to 2" long and are either black or metallic blue. They have green or yellow markings. They don’t sting, but their nests can be a problem. Sometimes they abandon them, and other more dangerous pests like to move into the lovely home they’ve left behind.

Are Yellow Jackets a Type of Wasp?

Yes, yellow jackets are a type of wasp we tend to see a lot in Greenville. These ½" long hairless wasps have black and yellow patterned bodies. They’re easy to distinguish from bees; bees have hair, and yellow jackets have segmented bodies that bees don’t share. These wasps also rank at 2.0 on the Schmidt scale.

What Attracts Wasps?

You may struggle with wasps if you:

  • Have fruit trees
  • Cultivate brightly colored flowers
  • Have sheltered spaces on your property
  • Have a birdbath
  • Have untreated wood on your property

It’s also quite important to watch out for your garbage. The smell of meat and sweet scents attract wasps. Even a few empty Coke cans in an improperly secured garbage bin can easily draw them in.

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Wasps Like Fruit
Wasp Control in Greenville - Wasps Need Water

Wasps Need Water
Wasps are attracted to trash-Croach Pest Control-Greenville SC-400x300

Trash Attracts Wasps

Are Wasps Dangerous?

Unless you're allergic, an individual wasp sting is painful, not dangerous. Unfortunately, wasps rarely stop at a single sting.

Instead, they swarm, stinging their victims multiple times. Multiple stings can lead to severe pain and even death, even for those who aren’t severely allergic.

Worse, wasps are aggressive, especially when they feel you may threaten their nests. That’s a real problem for homeowners with a wasp nest under the porch awning, close to their front door. In these areas, wasp nest removal is essential.

How to Get Rid of Wasps

Do-it-yourself wasp removal can be just as dangerous as the wasps themselves. Not only are DIY techniques hazardous, but you're also exposing yourself to potential wasp attacks. Unless you only have a single wasp nest on your property and catch the problem very early, the safest way to protect your home and family from wasps is to call a professional pest control company.

Don’t take chances with your health. Call Croach® to handle your wasp problem and keep safe. Our experts come armed with eco-friendly commercial pesticides and safety equipment that lets us remove both wasps and their nests.

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The technicians are very professional. The customer service is very friendly and helpful. I am severely allergic to insect bites especially yellow jackets. They came the next day when I told them I have yellow jackets in my yard and wasps outside my windows.
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