What’s a Mud Dauber?

Mud dauber is a name given to a variety of wasps who build their nests from mud.

What Do Mud Dauber's Look Like?

Mud dauber wasps are slender and reach a length of about one inch. They vary in color from a mix of yellow and black with golden wings to all black and even blue, as in the blue mud dauber pictured here.

We generally identify them as mud daubers when we find their nests.

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The Mud Dauber Nest

The females build the nest by manipulating mud with their mandibles. Talk about a hard day’s work!

They construct individual cells and lay one egg in each cell, creating a nest.

These nests can be very intricate as with the organ pipe mud dauber who builds an intricate system of long tubes resembling pipes; but often they appear as just a heap of dried mud attached to a crevasse or crack on your house.

We often find these near the eaves of a home or where the siding meets a piece of trim.

These nests need to be removed before they damage the structure by introducing moisture to the wood which creates structural problems.

Mud daubers begin building nests and laying eggs in the spring.

What Attracts Mud Daubers?

These wasps, like most pests, are attracted to food, water and shelter that they find among human society.

The mud dauber wasp's favorite food is the spider. Depending on the mud dauber species, the spider species of choice could be the crab spider or black widow spider. Additionally, they eat small insects like aphids.

But they're also attracted to sweet scents and bright colors like yellow and orange flowers and fruit.

And of course, they gather near ponds, pools and garden sprinklers for water.

Do Mud Daubers Sting?

Mud daubers are a solitary wasp and are not known to be aggressive unless threatened. More about wasps here.

Most stings tend to happen when disturbing the nest or trying to remove it.

Their venom is mild and when stings do occur, most people report minimal pain with little swelling. However, those with allergies should be cautious with any variety of wasp or bee.

What Do Mud Daubers Eat?

Like the Great Golden Digger wasp, mud daubers are a parasitic wasp. They will capture and subdue a spider or other insect and place it in the cell with the egg. The larva will feed on the insect until it grows and leaves the nest.

After leaving the nest, females will begin building a new nest and laying her own eggs. Some species can produce two generations in one season.

How Do I Get Rid of Mud Daubers?

As with other pest removal situations, a professional is your best bet to safely remove these nests.

A trained technician, like we have at Croach®, will work to eradicate the wasps, remove the wasps nest, and treat the area to avoid reinfestation.

The wasps will return to the same nest year after year and continue to add on to it, unless preventive measures are taken.

With Croach®, you also have the peace of mind knowing the treatment is backed by our pest-free guarantee.

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