Avoid the Costly Repair of Carpenter Ant Damage

Carpenter ant damage kind of sneaks up on you. These types of ants are relatively clean, inconspicuous, and slow in their methods of destruction. That does not mean carpenter ant control can be put off.

Many people will not notice an infestation until winged flying ants emerge from a previously unnoticed ants nest. It can take a colony two or more years to produce winged males and species - while carpenter ant damage could be occurring every day.

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Visible Signs of a Carpenter Ant Infestation

  • A single carpenter ant crawling around inside your home.
  • Carpenter ants crawling out of holes or crevices.
  • Piles of frass (insect droppings) or finely shaven wood.
  • Faint rustling noises inside the walls or woodwork.
  • The emergence of large, winged ants.
  • Carpenter ant swarms.

The March of the Carpenter Ant

Carpenter Ant Control - Croach - Closeup of carpenter ant damage

Unless you’re an expert, it is hard to know the difference between termite and carpenter ant damage.

Carpenter ants initially infest damp or damaged wood. They also live in existing hollow spaces such as wall voids. They excavate the wood, creating galleries to form their nests and provide passageways for their travels.

Frequently, they tunnel out trails between the insulation and the surface it sits on. Those paths cause extensive damage to the insulation in your attic and crawl space.

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And they Keep Marching

As the colony grows and expands, they create satellite colonies. At this point, carpenter ant damage extends into sound wood.

From the outside, the loss continues to go unnoticed. The infestation is at its worst when it reaches structural areas of your property making it susceptible to weather, injury, and other incidents.

Though termite damage is usually more severe, carpenter ant damage grows unnoticed in severity over a period of years.

Without warning, you find yourself paying for extensive and expensive repairs.

As with other pest control, prevention is critical. Keep food sealed, clean up spills, trim trees and landscaping so it isn't touching the side of your house, and seal possible entrances into your home from the outside.

Avoid carpenter ants in the house damage altogether. Get professional ant control services from an experienced Croach® technician.

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