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What Happens … If you Give a Mouse a Cookie?

According to Laura Numeroff author of the book titled, "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie", in the story there are a lot of things that can come as a result of such a kind act as giving a mouse a cookie!

To start with, the mouse will certainly want some milk to go with the cookie, and everyone knows milk is best with a straw! After he is done with the cookie and milk, a napkin is needed to wipe his little mouse face! And that will bring on an avalanche of other musts!

The moral of the story is do NOT give a mouse a cookie!

Mouse Control

What does this have to do with keeping mice out of your house? Well, a lot actually.

Once mice are inside, leaving

  • crumbs on the counters and floors
  • food out in the open
  • dirty dishes in the sink after meals

is a little like giving that mouse a cookie! It is free food! Keeping things cleaned up and tightly sealed will tell them that your place is closed and essentially starve them out!

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Problems Mice Cause

In children's stories, the mouse is seen as a cute little pest that means no harm, but the reality is that mice can be the culprits of diseases and multiple health problems for those that live in a home that is infested!

Not to mention the increased fire hazard from the little creatures chewing through the wiring throughout your home and the damage they do to the insulation that in return makes your home an energy hog!

We Can Help!

If there are strange sounds coming from above at night when you try to sleep and you are finding little droppings in the kitchen or pantry ... do not hesitate to call a professional pest management team to inspect your home and garage to offer a mouse control solution!

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