Rats and mice, of the Rodent family, can cause tremendous problems from property damage to health concerns to phobias. Their reproduction cycles can overrun and infest your home or property in a matter of weeks.

Rat Control – a Collaborative Process

Rat control from a professional pest control company is critical to resolving your rat infestation. While Croach® will get rid of your rats, we need your help to keep them away. Rodent Control Tips: Before Your Pest Control Inspection First, stay calm. Sharing your home with rats is gross and sometimes scary. If you must remove a rat carcass, use gloves and wear long sleeves. Store the body in a plastic bag so we can identify the type. Do not … Read More

The Dangerous Deer Mouse

Cute and Potentially Lethal Deer mice are a subspecies of the New World Mouse, distant cousins of the house mouse and wharf rats. Small, they reach two to four inches, not including the tail. All deer mice have a bicolored tail, and a white underbelly and feet. The top of their body is ordinarily brown but can be darker or lighter. They have big black eyes, and large ears, giving them good sight and hearing. They are amazing jumpers and … Read More

Rat Removal

Croach® focuses on rat removal by applying rodent exclusion techniques as well as baiting and trapping. During your initial inspection, we will access your home’s interior and the garage. We do not place rat traps in the home, except in the most extreme cases. In fact, after your initial service, we work mostly on the exterior and in the garage, keeping rats outside. We will require occasional access to the interior to inspect the attic and crawlspace. Rat Bait Boxes … Read More

Rat Extermination

Rat Extermination and Control are Critical to Health and Home Integrity Rodent infestations are dangerous to your family’s health, the integrity of your house, and the local environment. Rats are nocturnal, timid creatures. If you see them, especially during the day, you likely have an infestation. Nobody wants to share their home with rodents. Why Is Rat Extermination Necessary? Rats love to chew. Over time they damage wood, metal, pipes, wires, and possessions. Rats that cannot get into the home … Read More

Build a Better Mouse Trap

“Build a better mouse trap, and the world will beat a path to your door.” This quote, commonly attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson, is as true today as when it was originated in the late 19th century. Throughout American history, we’ve constantly searched for new ways to improve upon the lowly and simple mouse trap. In fact, since 1838, there have been more patents issued for these traps than any other device – over 4,400 of them. These patents cover a wide … Read More

Mice and Cockroaches: Most Common Household Pests

Mice and Cockroaches in Your Home By the time you see mice and cockroaches in your home, you will have many more that you have not seen. They are not out in the open and most of them are smart enough to wait until it is dark and quiet to come out to look for food. A study revealed that one house out of every ten have signs that two specific critters are in them. Mice and Cockroaches are the … Read More

Rats, Mice & Rodents in the House During Winter Season?

During the year when the weather is nice, rodents don’t really seem to be a big problem. Rodents like rats and mice will tend to stay outdoors and find a cozy spot to enjoy. This means that most people don’t really worry about them in their homes. The problem in the winter is the weather gets chilly and there is less sun for the rodents to enjoy whilst living outdoors. This means that the rodents now need to find a … Read More

Seattle: A Rat Infested City

Rat Joins Common Seattle Pests Acorn weevils, bed bugs, wolf spiders, and earwigs are common pests found lurking in the suburbs of Seattle. These sneaky insects can disturb everyday life by invading our most comfortable living spaces. The presence of these annoying pests is beginning to take a back seat to a new threat. According to a recent study of the 12 worst cities infested by rats, Seattle ranks a shocking 6th on the list! Rats in Seattle With one … Read More

What Happens … If you Give a Mouse a Cookie?

According to Laura Numeroff author of the book titled, “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie”, in the story there are a lot of things that can come as a result of such a kind act as giving a mouse a cookie! To start with, the mouse will certainly want some milk to go with the cookie, and everyone knows milk is best with a straw! After he is done with the cookie and milk, a napkin is needed to … Read More

House Mouse Control!

Not a Creature Was Stirring … Not Even a Mouse with House Mouse Control Truth is that one of the most common winter guests are mice and rats! And it is not the cast of “Mickey’s Christmas”! According to the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) about 30% of all American’s have had a house mouse control problem at one time or another. Of those, almost 50% of infestations were during the winter months. The reason is that it is too … Read More

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