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Are You Still Battling Rats and Mice on Your Suburban Seattle Property?

A Croach® Pest Control customer shares his Seattle rat exterminator experience.

The field mouse on Devan R.'s Mukilteo pantry floor was cute. It looked like a tiny fluff ball nibbling away on a raisin that had hit the floor.

Unfortunately, it was the first sign of a serious rat infestation. In Seattle, along with suburbs from Mukilteo to Sumner, rodents like mice and rats are a pervasive problem—even in the cleanest and most conscientious of homes.

A House Full of Cats

When Devan called us, we encountered four cats in his home. Usually, cat pheromones drive mice away.

Rat Exterminator-Cats-Mukilteo Sumner Washington-Croach Pest Control-500x500Since ridding the house of mice, we've encountered many more mice and rat infestations just like it. When the local populations grow high enough, the swarms get bold—especially if they know they're in a place a cat can't easily reach, like a closed pantry.

In a big enough home, the presence of a cat may only serve to keep rats and mice out of the spaces the cats frequent.

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No DIY Options Worked

Devan and his housemates tried to control the mouse problem with store-bought baits and traps for a while. Those store-bought solutions would make the problem seem to go away for a few weeks.

Then, sure enough, there'd be a squeak and a scurry, and someone would find themselves dashing out of the way of a frantic, racing, long-tailed puffball.

That's when they all decided to call Croach® Pest Control for rat exterminator help.

Rat Exterminator-Inspection-Mukilteo Sumner Washington-Croach Pest Control-500x500A Thorough Inspection

Our technician Ismaila combed through the house to locate the problem areas. Much of this service involved getting into the home's crawl space, where nobody who lived there ever went.

Ismaila discovered many entry points through that area of the home alone. He found and eliminated several major nests in that dark, cramped space. He began sealing off egress points below the home, then located and sealed off other entry points that he found on the first floor.

Next, it was time to lay some commercial-grade baits and traps.

A Happy, Mouse-Free Ending

Croach® has been back every 60 days, as promised, to ensure we're disrupting breeding cycles and keeping the mouse problem at bay.

Devan and his roommates report that there haven't been any other rodent sightings or close encounters of the puffball kind.

We call this a happy ending!

So now, to you. Are you still battling mice and rats on your Seattle property? Have you found it impossible to remove every last one of them? Do they come back after a few short months?

Call Croach® Pest Control. We'll provide you with customized, effective mouse and rat exterminator services, and management solutions so you never have to think about dealing with rodents in your home again.

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