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Seattle: A Rat Infested City

Rat Joins Common Seattle Pests

Acorn weevils, bed bugs, wolf spiders, and earwigs are common pests found lurking in the suburbs of Seattle. These sneaky insects can disturb everyday life by invading our most comfortable living spaces.

The presence of these annoying pests is beginning to take a back seat to a new threat. According to a recent study of the 12 worst cities infested by rats, Seattle ranks a shocking 6th on the list!

Rats in Seattle

With one of the wettest climates in the country, Seattle would seem incompatible to a rat's liking.

However, it has been proven that a mouse can fit itself through a hole the size of a dime and a rat can slide itself through a hole the size of a quarter. If a rat wants to stay dry and warm, it has a large number of opportunities to do so. One of those being your home.

Favorite Rat Dwelling Spots

Rodent Control - Portland, OR - Croach Rats & Mice ExterminatorsOnce a rat has successfully invaded your living space, it finds places to hide. Inside the insulation and walls of your home are favorite nesting spots for rats.

In the kitchen, they prefer to creep behind the cupboards and under counters.

Rats have also been known to make their place of residence in a bathtub! The last thing you want to see as you’re dipping your toes into a bubble bath is an uninvited rat wanting to test the waters with you.

More common places Seattle citizens have discovered rats dwelling is the attic and basement. Rats find it easy to survive there because they are rarely disturbed.

Rats in Seattle also have a negative impact on the outside of our properties. They will settle under wood piles or lumber that is not being used. Or they'll multiply in appliances and old furniture that has been left out and can destroy any hope at having a successful garden this spring.

Health Risks of Rats

The structural damage a rat can do to your home is not as disturbing as the health risks they bring with them.

Bacteria from a rat’s urine and feces can leave your family exposed to many health complications. Leptospirosis and Ringworm being at the forefront.

While these are serious consequences of rat infestation to consider, don’t feel like you have to battle it alone.

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