How to Get Rid of Roaches in Boise

cockroach Control - Croach - Portland, Oregon - Types of cockroaches in PortlandEven before you turn on the light in your kitchen you hear them ... the horrifying clicking of spindly legs and fluttering wings. An infestation of cockroaches in your well-maintained Boise home.

Roaches were a plague on the earth long before the dinosaurs. They contaminate our food, cause health issues, damage electronics, and more. It's not that you have a messy house. It's that any home provides the sustenance cockroaches need for survival - food, water, and shelter.

If they find your home, you instantly have a serious pest control problem. Roaches (or their eggs) hitchhike inside in boxes, grocery bags, backpacks, or furniture. They scamper over from a neighboring home and gain access through tiny exterior cracks or under door seals.

A female cockroach, having mated with a particular male only once in her life, preserves the gametes of the male in her body, and lays egg casings regularly. In other words, she doesn't need a male to repeatedly reproduce and infest your home with offspring.

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Why is Cockroach Control So Difficult?

If you have tried to get rid of cockroaches before, you already know it's no easy task. You can stomp on them, spray them with retail pesticide, or trap them. But they come back en masse. Better to name a cockroach at the Boise Zoo (one of the zoo's donor programs) and keep them away from your house.

Cockroaches are known to be:

  • One of nature's most resilient pests
  • Common across the world
  • Prevalent year-round
  • Masters at hide-and-seek
  • Eat almost anything
  • Increasingly resistant to common pesticides
  • Prolific breeders

Common Cockroaches in Boise

While the semi-arid climate and dry winters in Boise make cockroaches far less prevalent than in other areas, they do haunt Boise homes. How to get rid of cockroaches, and how long it takes to do so, largely depends on the type of the cockroach species and the size of the infestation. No matter the type, if you see a few, there are a hundred more in hiding.

Cockroaches common in Boise include:

German Cockroach - a small species that is tan and black and averaging in length from 1.2–1.6 cm long.

Oriental Cockroach - a large species that range from 18-27 mm long and have a black glossy body.

American Cockroach - Common throughout the United States, this species is brown and measures 4 cm in length on average.

Pest Control - German Cockroach on Green Leaf - Croach - Boise ID
German Cockroach
Pest Control - Oriental Cockroach - Croach - Boise ID
Oriental Cockroach
Pest Control - American Cockroaches in Dish - Croach - Boise ID
American Cockroach

What Contributes to Cockroach Problems?

Many people are surprised to learn that having a cockroach problem does not mean your home is unclean. It only means that it provides the simple things roaches need to survive—food, water, and shelter. It can be as simple as a leaky pipe or pet food dishes on the floor. They can even survive on paper, cardboard, and many other non-food items.

Other contributing factors include:

  • Clutter
  • Trash cans
  • Pet waste

Getting Rid of Roaches on Your Own

After seeing cockroaches, many people rush to the store to buy DIY baits and sprays. Unfortunately, most of these remedies are ineffective. One problem is that seeing even one, especially during the day, indicates there is already an infestation in areas you can't reach.

To make matters even more complex, using DIY pest control solutions disperses the roaches, it doesn't kill all of them. For example, most sprays contain a "flushing" agent that drives the cockroaches out of their hiding places, and into new hiding places in your home.

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When is it Time to Call Boise Pest Exterminators?

Even if you safeguard your home in every possible way, you can still have a problem with cockroaches. Once in the home, no matter how hard you try to eradicate them, your attempts can fail.

It is important to remember that cockroaches are considered high-risk pests. Effective cockroach control takes commercial products and experience. You need to treat their hiding places and find all the egg capsules. It is not a once-and-done process.

If you suspect a cockroach problem in your Boise home, schedule a free inspection with a Croach technician who can identify the species and use the most appropriate and safest measures for extermination and prevention of future infestations.

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