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If you have rodents scurrying around your home or property, it's time to show them the door. Trust the experts at Croach® in Greenville, SC to provide rodent control you can count on.
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Greenville, SC Rodent Control and Removal

Greenville, SC property owners sometimes need help with rodent control. It's just a fact of living in the South.

If you have a problem with wildlife on your property contact the Wildlife Rehab Group of South Carolina. For problems with other pests, like rats or mice call a trusted pest control company like Croach®.

Ready to say goodbye to your rat problem? The rat and mouse exterminators at Croach® have an excellent track record for success and are ready to help.

How Do I Know if I Have Rats or Mice?

There are many signs you have a rodent problem besides seeing a rat or a mouse in your house.

These range from noises like scratching in the walls to the scurrying of tiny feet when your home is quiet.

You might find holes nibbled in your food packages or greasy stains on the walls where their fur rubs.

Another frequent sign you need rodent control is a persistent odor caused by droppings.

There is nothing fun about living with rodents. They can turn your home into a nightmare.

What Attracts Rodents?

Rats and mice seek easy access to food, water, and shelter, and our homes are often their first preference. Our attics and garages are warm, dry, and free of predators. Attics and walls insulation also make excellent rodent nesting material.

Of course, these pests also love leaky pipes and birdbaths, which give them an easy water source. Pet bowls and unsecured garbage cans are their favorite dining buffet, and your fruit trees are also tempting.

Types of Rodents in Greenville, SC

The most common rodent in Greenville is the Norway rat, also known as the common sewer rat. It’s about 1.5’ long, about 6" to 9" tall, and has a tail covered with scaly rings.

We also see black rats, or roof rats, that are 1.5’ long and black or brown. They leap from trees to the roof and find their way into the attic.

The house mouse is about 7" long and has light brown fur. They’re one of the most common types of rodent invaders that we see.

Hiring professional mice exterminator services to resolve a mouse problem is best, as mice reproduce quickly and find access to your home through the smallest of openings.

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Norway Rat
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Roof Rat
Rodent Control in Boulder CO-House Mouse in the Chocolates

House Mouse

Are Rodents Dangerous?

Yes! Rodents are one of the most dangerous pests you can have in your home. They transmit 26 hazardous diseases, like Hantavirus and Rat Bite Fever. You don’t have to get bitten to contract a disease from a rat or mouse. Breathing in dust contaminated with rodent urine and feces is more than enough!

Having rodents in the home often brings in additional pests, too. Pests like fleas, ticks, or mites live in the fur of rodents and easily carry diseases to your family members and pets.

Besides bringing disease, rodents create other dangers. For example, they love to chew, sometimes on your electrical wires. The resulting damage can lead directly to house fires.

How to Get Rid of Rodents

DIY rodent control methods simply don’t work. At Croach®, we use a proven, multi-step approach of customized rat control and mouse control, including exclusion, baiting, and trapping.

Finding the entry points these pests use to enter your home is vital. However, it takes experience to discover entry points since rats can squeeze into openings smaller than a quarter. Your Croach® rodent exterminator will locate and seal off these access points for you.

Finally, we work hard at helping you prevent re-infestation by identifying steps you can take to make your home and garage less attractive to rats and mice.

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Treatment Works!

Patrick did a great job. Applied treatment to all openings (interior and exterior) where pests might try to enter the house. Patrick took time to explain the process, showed me what kinds of pests had been trapped in the glue boxes, and confirmed he would be treating our dock today also. Very polite. Very professional. Most importantly, the treatments are working to keep pests, of all kinds, out of our house.
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Run Rodents Out of Your Home

If you think you have rats or mice, call the experts at Croach®. We’re the rat exterminator you need to protect your home and family.

And when you want to scavenger hunt for the nine little bronze Mice on Main, here are your clues!

Call for your free inspection today. We’ll help determine the severity of your rodent problem and come up with a customized plan for helping you get rid of rats and mice for good.

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