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Rat Control – a Collaborative Process

Rat control from a professional pest control company is critical to resolving your rat infestation. While Croach® will get rid of your rats, we need your help to keep them away.

Rodent Control Tips: Before Your Pest Control Inspection

First, stay calm. Sharing your home with rats is gross and sometimes scary.

If you must remove a rat carcass, use gloves and wear long sleeves. Store the body in a plastic bag so we can identify the type.

Do not use rat poisons. Croach® uses only high-grade, certified one-kill bait. Other poisons can be dangerous and counterproductive.

We will put out rat bait traps.

Clean your home. If you are cleaning up trails, urine, or feces, wear gloves and a facemask. Wiping down all surfaces with an ammonia-based cleaner or an organic peppermint-based cleaner helps drive rats out with their smell.

Clear clutter. Remove nesting material, one of the biggest attractions for rodents.

Use Sealed Containers. Store food, pet food, and paper products in sealed glass or metal containers.

During Your Rodent Control Service

Croach® will design a rodent control program specific to you situation.

Be patient and stay in contact. You should notice an improvement almost immediately. However, rat extermination takes time.

Once the rats are out of the house, make sure you call us if they return.

Rat Control: Actions After Service

Keeping rodents out of the home requires effort on your part. Both inside and outside the house need attention after initial treatment. Speak to your pest technician for the specifics of rat removal for your situation.


Keep cleaning. Regular cleaning of clutter and surfaces is important. Make sure you wash dishes immediately after use.

Do not leave food out for extended periods of time.

Check small, dark spaces regularly. Rats love nesting in them. Check drawers, basements, and attics for nests regularly. We will handle the crawlspace checks for you.

Feel free to get a cat. While not necessary, cats can hunt mice that get in. Our bait stations are designed to keep your pets safe.


Seal the house. Rats enter through small spaces and can reach your home over wires. Make sure openings as small as a quarter are closed.

Repair your crawl space and attic insulation to eliminate nests and nesting material. In Western Washington cities like Seattle, Croach® can provide these services:

Cut back branches to eliminate rodent highways. Keep foliage near the home light and tidy.

Do not leave pet food outside or in the garage, and do not leave it out anywhere for extended periods.

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