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Rat Removal

Croach® focuses on rat removal by applying rodent exclusion techniques as well as baiting and trapping.

During your initial inspection, we will access your home’s interior and the garage. We do not place rat traps in the home, except in the most extreme cases. In fact, after your initial service, we work mostly on the exterior and in the garage, keeping rats outside.

We will require occasional access to the interior to inspect the attic and crawlspace.

Rat Bait Boxes Rather Than Rat Poison

Croach® places rat bait boxes at strategic points around your home. The boxes are specifically designed to prevent them from opening without a key. These tamper-resistant bait stations provide a safeguard for people, pets, and other animals.

Poison is highly toxic, unreliable, and dangerous. Rats often identify poison by taste, whereas bait appears to be food.

The bait causes rats to leave your property, looking for water. As a certified one-time kill product, it is harmless to pets or other animals that might consume the rats.

It's best to pair rat removal with a pest control plan because rats are omnivores. When denied other food, they eat insects. Removing that food source as well decreases your rat infestation.

Rat Removal with Traps

Trapping can be effective if there are only a few rodents present in the home. However, if a rodent witnesses another rodent getting caught in a snap-trap, for instance, they will avoid traps no matter the bait.

This condition is called “bait shyness.” Croach® uses specialized traps and trapping methods, such as bait that takes up to five days to kill a rat, so that rat removal is successful in the trapping phase.

Rat Traps in Your Attic and Crawl Space

Croach® checks your attic and crawlspace for entry points and problem areas. We place traps in out of the way places where rats travel. A rat trap is an ongoing defense against rats that do get in. Removal and reset of sprung traps is part of your rat control service.

Customized Rodent Prevention and Elimination Plans

Our rodent control technicians are specialists in protecting you from the danger, health risks, and costly repairs rats and mice cause.

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