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Boise House Mouse Troubles: Tips From a Mouse Exterminator

3 Facts a Mouse Exterminator Wants You to Know

Boise homeowners are no strangers to house mouse infestations. The North American Deer Mouse is the most common. You wouldn't believe the number of calls we get about these dangerous creatures!

Boise is not alone. In fact, more than ⅓ of Americans have seen a rodent in their homes. Suspect you may have rodents in your house? Our mouse exterminator technicians share a few important facts.

#1. If you see one, there are many more.

Deer mice breed extremely quickly. They begin reproducing when they are only 35 days old, and breed every three to four weeks during the warmer months across Treasure Valley. While their breeding cycles slow down in the winter, they still produce plenty of offspring while nesting inside your home.

Each litter contains 3 to 6 young. So, two compatible deer mice take less than a month to become 5 to 11 mice. And in a month, every eligible mouse bachelor and bachelorette will pair off. This assumes you're only housing two mice when they first arrive... a bold assumption.

A group of house mice, called a mischief, would rather avoid direct conflicts with humans, so most will hide in the walls or attic, nestling down into your warm insulation.

The presence of a single mouse is often the first and best sign you'll receive that your house has a serious rodent problem, and you need a mouse exterminator.

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#2. Other Signs of a Mouse Infestation

You'll probably hear mice before you see them. They squeak, chirp, scratch, and gnaw.

You might find their droppings in your pantry, under your appliances, or in your attic. You might also see insulation that's been ripped up or food packages that have been chewed into.

Some of the boldest mice might even try to build their nests in drawers, mattresses, or other dark, comfy places.

Identifying a House Mouse Infestation

We encourage you to actively look for signs of a house mouse problem, especially over the long Boise winters:

  • Droppings on the floor that are long and pointed on both ends.
  • A distinctive, musky odor is often a sign of heavy infestation.
  • Trails from urine and pheromones along floors and walls.
  • Paw prints - four toes on the front, five on the back.
  • Fresh gnaw marks on wires, wood, and food packaging.
  • High-pitched sounds in walls and flooring. These are usually males seeking mates.

#3. DIY Remedies Don't Work

This is why our mouse exterminators stay so busy in Boise. While there are certainly steps you can take to make your house less friendly to mice, the truth is that it's very hard to shake an infestation.

Neither of these remedies is absolute, and the poisons you can purchase as a consumer aren't as effective or as potent as the remedies our exterminators are licensed to use as a commercial pest control company.

Also be aware that some of the rodent access points are in places you can't get to very easily (and mostly wouldn't want to get to in the first place). Even cats aren't as effective as we might like.

Use preventative measures like winterization and food access control before mice get in. If you notice signs or see even one house mouse, contact us for a free mouse exterminator assessment.

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Mouse droppings can make you terribly sick. Eventually, droppings break down into dust, which gets into your vents and then travels into the air you breathe. In addition, every time tiny mouse feet race across your kitchen counter, they leave salmonella and other germs behind.

Protect your family from potentially fatal diseases. Call your Croach® Boise mouse exterminator to find and eliminate any infestation as soon as possible.

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