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7 Ways to Get Rid of Mice and Rats in Your Rural Frederick, CO Home

How to Get Rid of Mice?

Rural homes in Frederick struggle to get rid of mice as much as urban homes in Aurora Denver do.

By the time you physically see one rat or mouse, there is already an infestation. These rodents live in groups and have an incredibly high breeding rate.

Our homes offer the perfect amenities to draw mice in—food, water, and shelter. Frederick recreational areas also attract rodents, from our picnic pavilions to the wetlands.

Evict the mice in your house with Croach® Pest Control.

#1) Pick Up Pet Food and Animal Feed

Mice and rats aren't afraid to pilfer from any other animal's bowl. If you have indoor pets, it's wise to feed them simultaneously every day and pick up their food.

The same goes for animal feed for your chickens, outdoor cats, and farm animals.

Secure food in plastic or metal containers that seal and lock out pesky pests.

#2) Fix Leaky Pipes and Appliance Supply Lines

Water leaks are prime drinking fountains for rodents, who love getting water in places where humans can't see them. A regular inspection can keep your pipes in great shape.

Also pay attention to moisture from toilets, sinks, refrigerators, dishwashers, and washing machines.

BONUS: This step will lower your water bill and help prevent water damage, too!

#3) Update Your Insulation

Do you have blown-in insulation or pink batt insulation? Either substance makes the perfect nesting material for rats and mice.

Add insulation they won't want to chew on by upgrading to spray foam. It's a little more expensive but gets into every nook and cranny to insulate your home better.

Get rid of mice and lower your energy bill. You'll be a lot warmer this winter!

#4) Winterize Your Home

Mice can find their way into human structures using cracks no wider than a quarter. Try to find every last entry point and seal it up before they start looking for a safe place to nest in the winter months.

We get that this may be impossible for some folks. Our Croach® Pest Control technicians specialize in getting into areas of your home that nobody else thinks about or wants to go to get rid of mice and other pests!

#5) Decant Your Pantry Items

Cereal boxes, flour, sugar, and anything else that comes in a "chewable" package should be decanted into plastic or glass containers that can be sealed up and stored.

It's not just a Pinterest trend! It's a vital way to protect your food supply, and get rid of mice and other pantry pests.

#6) Channel Your Inner Marie Kondo to Get Rid of Mice

Is the interior of your home starting to look cluttered? Do you sometimes feel like you've got too much stuff?

Well, mice, rats, spiders, cockroaches and other buggers you don't want in your house; they love stuff, too! Clearing out that clutter can help prevent rodent nests and insect invasions.

The KonMari method is one way to achieve this. The last thing you want is to find mice snuggled into a pile of clothes you've been meaning to donate, or nesting themselves in a box of papers you've been meaning to file.

#7) Tackle Your Outdoor Hotspots

Those new to rural living might not realize that compost heaps, woodpiles, and garbage cans need special attention. These items should be twenty feet from the house and stored in clean, dry, lockable containers.

Otherwise, the local rodent populations will use them for food and housing and then turn to your house when the swarm gets too big or the temperatures drop.

Get Rid of Mice in Frederick

Sometimes all your efforts to discourage rats and mice come to nothing in the face of a bold, determined infestation.

When that happens, call the Croach® Pest Control professionals. We have commercial-grade traps and exclusion methods that can help you say "goodbye" to your rodent problem for good.

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