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Most people love to live in Boise because it is the perfect mix of urban sophistication and outdoor wonder. Sometimes, however, the lines can get a little blurred. While you might welcome the opportunity to see an occasional mouse or rat scurry across trails such as the challenging and scenic Camels Back and Hulls Gulch Reserve trails, you definitely do not want to see rodents run across your kitchen, get into your cupboards, or disappear into your walls.

Many people fear rodents and react very strongly to their presence — and for several good reasons. While the thought of having mice around your food, dishes, clothing, and anywhere a rodent can roam is not only downright terrifying, it's also dangerous and poses serious safety and health risks to humans and pets.

When it comes to getting rid of mice and rats, time is of the essence. In addition to being highly intrusive, rodents breed quickly, exponentially increasing the risk of the spread of disease and damage to your home.

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The good news is, you can get rid of mice and rats quickly and effectively when you use the right combination of rodent control solutions.

The Dangers of Mice and Rats in Boise Homes

One of the most immediate concerns about the presence of mice and rats is the possibility of the spreading disease. Mice and rats are known to spread over 35 diseases, including:

  • Plague
  • Salmonellosis
  • Hantavirus
  • Lyme Disease
  • Listeria
  • Rat-Bite fever

Diseases are spread by:

  • rodent urine and feces
  • saliva
  • hair
  • ticks, fleas, and mites that live on infected rats and mice
  • bites from mice or rats

The presence of mice and rats in the home also plays a large role in contributing to asthma and allergies.

Physical Damage Caused by Rats and Mice

Mice and rats can cause significant property damage. Since their front teeth are always growing, they gnaw continuously on hard surfaces to wear them down.

They also chew through materials such as baseboards and drywall to get inside your walls where they nest.

Common physical damage caused by rodents include:

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  • Damage to electrical wiring. It is estimated that 20% of household fires are caused by rodent damage.
  • Structural damage. Mice and rats will build nests anywhere, including your walls. They also will gnaw holes into your structure, which makes your home vulnerable to other animals that cause home damage.
  • Damage to family heirlooms. Rodents love to use paper and cloth items such as old photo albums, wedding dresses, and baby clothes that are safely tucked away in attics or other areas for nesting, shredding irreplaceable items.
  • Contamination of food and household items.
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Types of Mice in Boise, ID

The most common types of mice in Boise are deer mice and smaller house mice. A house mouse can get into your home through a hole as small as a dime! Keep your kitchen sanitized and tightly seal food containers because even the smallest cookie crumb can be a feast for mouse. According to the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) about 30% of all American's have experienced a house mouse problem at one time or another. Of those, almost half of mouse infestations occurred during winter. Then after the cold weather ends, and it warms up, deer mice begin to start their search for a nesting area, often in our homes and garages.

How to Get Rid of Mice and Rats in Boise

To get rid of rodents, follow these regular and ongoing preventative tips.

  • Keep yard free of excess debris.
  • Store food in tightly sealed containers.
  • When cleaning rodent droppings and urine, be sure to wear gloves and a face mask.
  • Seal all possible openings to the home so rodents can't enter.
  • Maintain regular and ongoing professional pest control.

Why You Should Use a Professional Management Plan

Many products found in home improvement stores used to kill rodents are ineffective and unsafe when used indoors or in a manner not prescribed by the manufacturer. DIY products are not designed to address even the smallest of infestations. Long-term rodent control requires sanitation, exclusion (making it difficult to enter the home), and the regular professional application of traps and baits.

A professional pest management plan considers all aspects of rodent remediation. Croach® Pest Control follows the CDC's recommendation for an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) model. The professional technicians at Croach® use a collaborative approach to prevent re-infestations after initial rodent extermination. Croach® is a top-ten ranked pest control company with verified reviews.

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