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spider control boiseAre you seeing more spiders than you care to in your Boise home? They climb out from under furniture, crawl along baseboards, walls, and ceilings, and lurk in sinks and showers.

You’ll find them in piles of laundry, closets, behind picture frames, on plants, and inhabiting other interior decor. Also, be careful in basements, attics, and every dark corner of the house.

Spider season in Boise starts late summer through fall as outdoor species move indoors to prepare for cold weather. Spiders that live inside your house year-round become more active as the insects they feed on also start moving indoors.

Though you can’t avoid arachnids altogether, the two spider species to protect yourself from in Boise are the Hobo spider and the Black Widow.

Spider Control and Prevention

It’s almost impossible to get rid of spiders altogether. But the more food your home offers - like houseflies, cockroaches, beetles, and ants - the more spiders will invade your space. So ongoing pest control is important. To keep spiders and the pests that feed them out of your house.

Beyond professional spider control services, take these steps to make your property less attractive.


  • Start in the bedrooms. Move beds away from the walls and make sure bed skirts aren’t touching the floor. Don’t store things under the bed, or if you need the storage space, seal items in plastic bags or air-tight containers.
  • In bedrooms and bathrooms, don’t keep clothing, towels, or linens (dirty or clean) on the floor. Store shoes off the floor, too. And don’t let these types of items sit undisturbed long enough for a spider to take up residence.
  • Spiders love bathrooms and laundry rooms because their prey (other insects) seek moisture in these areas. But spiders don’t spin webs out in the open. So if you minimize decor, clear away clutter, and clean regularly, spiders won’t have a safe place to hide.
  • Dust, sweep, and vacuum frequently to eliminate spider habitats. Clean under furniture, inside closets, behind appliances, around baseboards, wall hangings, and all corners of walls from floor to ceiling.
  • Make sure all windows that open use tightly fitting window screens in good repair. Seal doors with weather stripping. Block a spider’s access through gaps around air vents, floorboards, and electrical or plumbing lines.


  • Get rid of clutter and keep items like firewood or storage containers far from the house.
  • Cut back landscaping (trees, shrubs, flowers) so it isn’t near doors, windows, foundation, siding, or roof.
  • If you store jackets, work boots, work gloves, and related items in the barn, shed, or garage, keep them sealed in plastic bags or totes.
  • At night, turn off exterior lights you don’t need. Insects attracted to the light entice hungry spiders.
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clearing webs from the second floor of a Boise ID home

Types of Spiders in Boise

Let’s start with the two spider species you should avoid.

  • Hobo Spider — You do not want these spiders in your house. Common in Idaho, we know Hobo spiders for their aggressive behavior. They will hide in clothing and bedding, and bite if they feel threatened. If they inject venom, a blister will form, break, and then create a slow-healing wound. Tissue death can also occur. If you suffer a Hobo spider bite, wash the area with soap and water, raise the bite area if possible, and seek medical attention. It may have been a hobo spider that bit Dale Harsin, a local coach in Boise, who lost a finger after the encounter!
  • Black Widow — A venomous spider, the Black Widow is a rare but known inhabitant in Boise. They make their home in dark or undisturbed environments like garages, basements, and behind furniture. The males are much smaller than females. A black widow’s bite may show fang marks and will create burning, swelling, and redness at the site. The venom affects your nervous symptom, causing weakness, nausea, and difficulty breathing. If bitten, wash with soap and water, apply an ice pack, elevate the affected area, and seek medical attention.

These common Boise spiders won’t hurt you. But if they live with you indoors, then you probably have other pest control problems to address.

  • Cat-Face Spider — Named for their unusually shaped bodies, they are not dangerous to humans but can grow to the size of a half-dollar. Classified as orb weavers, we commonly find them outside in covered areas such as porches.
  • House Spider — Very common in Boise, you’ll find them in the garage, barn, shed, and basement. These web-weavers grow to an inch long and rapidly reproduce.
  • Jumping Spider — Brightly colored and covered in short, dense hair, you’ll find Jumping spiders crawling the baseboards, walls, and ceilings in your home. They do not spin webs. Though it bites for defense, a Jumping spider is not poisonous. It is more prone to run from humans.
  • Crab Spider — Their name comes from the unusual way they hold their legs, resembling a crab. Crab spiders often come inside on flowers or other shrubbery and present no danger to humans. White or brightly colored, they can camouflage to blend into their environment.
  • Wolf Spider — Wolf spiders enjoy dark and damp environments and do not spin webs. They present little danger to humans, but they can inflict a painful bite. They are darkly colored and can grow rather large. These big guys eat hobo spiders (among other pests), so for that reason, they are good to have around. In fact, the Idaho Museum of Natural History proudly exhibits a 12-foot 3D-printed wolf spider.

Hire Professionals to Get Rid of Spiders in Boise

Croach applies a thorough and specialized approach to pest control.

  • Inspection: Your experienced technician inspects your home and creates a plan crafted for your needs.
  • Initial Treatment: Treatment includes a heavy application of product and prevention techniques on the base of the home, around entry points, and in the eaves to eliminate spider webs and egg sacs. Inside, the product is applied as necessary, and then we place glue boards to catch stragglers.
  • First Regular and Ongoing Treatment: Approximately thirty days after initial treatment, you will have seen a reduction in spiders–and the pests they eat–of about 75%. Spiders caught on the boards help technicians further customize your plan to your particular pests. Ongoing treatments are shorter than the initial treatment and eliminate the rest of the problem.
  • Complimentary Retreats: Should your infestation return, Croach® will come back between regular treatments to resolve the issue and advise on additional steps.

Reliable Spider Control

Get a Croach free inspection if you’ve been noticing a lot of spiders or fresh webs in your home.

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