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Cockroach Control Denver ColoradoRoaches aren’t as old as Denver's D-J basin (formed at least 300 million years ago), but they are the oldest known pest species in existence. Cockroaches are unyielding survivors. They can withstand radiation amounts that would kill a human within minutes. Roaches survive without food for weeks, hold their breath up to seven minutes, and even live without a head (until they succumb to dehydration).

Getting rid of roaches is challenging. Retail baits or traps might work to exterminate some of them. But, seeing a few roaches in your Denver home or business means there are many more you don’t see.

But worse than a disgusting cockroach infestation are the health issues and property damage they cause. Roaches carry harmful bacteria, pathogens, and other nasties. As they crawl around, leave feces trails, and shed their skin, they spread toxic germs in their wake. Germs that aggravate allergies and cause serious illness.

Beyond that, roaches eat almost anything. Their bodies have adapted over millions of years to surviving in harsh conditions and eating whatever’s available - even toxic materials. So they will damage your personal property, too.

Common Roaches in Denver

It wouldn’t surprise us if some folks living in Denver have never seen a cockroach. Your average roach rocks at hide-and-seek. They are night scavengers and hole up by day in dark crevices, under furniture, behind the refrigerator, and other places we don’t look.

While there are over 4,500 types of roaches, the most common in Denver are the Oriental, German, and American species.

  • Oriental roaches are shiny black with a stretched pill-shaped body. When it’s cooler outside, they seek moist, warm accommodations like the crawl space, bathroom, or basement.
  • German roaches have two horizontal dark stripes at the back of their heads. They are tan or light-brown colored and like to invade bathrooms and kitchens.
  • American cockroaches are the largest flying household roach. Use screens in all doors and windows that you leave open. They are reddish-brown or mahogany colored and have a unique yellow band at the back of their head.

How to Prevent Cockroaches in Denver

cockroach pest control near devner coloradoRoaches develop a tolerance to certain pesticides and chemicals when they are exposed for an extended period. And the egg sacs (called ootheca) protecting unborn nymphs aren’t affected by insecticides.

You can attempt DIY methods of cockroach extermination, but most people are unsuccessful. You need to find the roaches, destroy the nests, and kill the nymphs born from all the egg sacs.

Exterminating roaches in Denver requires advanced solutions and expertise. For efficient and lasting cockroach control, hire a licensed and experienced Croach® Pest Control technician.


Frequently Asked Questions About Cockroach Control

What diseases can roaches cause?
Cockroaches are hosts to dozens of disease-causing organisms. Scientists link them to dysentery, salmonellosis, typhoid fever, plaque, and more. Roaches can trigger allergies and severe asthma attacks. A roach’s body produces antibiotics that save itself from the harmful bacteria they transfer to us.

How can I prevent cockroaches?
Protect your home against roaches by minimizing food clutter, cleaning regularly, sealing holes and cracks, and eliminating moisture.

Why should I hire a professional exterminator?
We’ve all taken on a project that turned out to be bigger or harder than we realized, and then either abandoned it or sought help. Getting rid of roaches is like that.

Most DIY cockroach control advice and products kill the dumber bugs. But the majority that survive gets smarter. You still have a roach problem, and it’s only getting worse.

Let Croach get rid of your roaches so you can focus on keeping them away once they’re gone.

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